Yet Another FDD Swapper for Amiga

One of the most popular mods for Amiga is the addition of an FDD swapper (alternatively referred to as a boot selector). Such a device logically swaps DF0 and DF1 drives, making external drive visible as DF0, while internal drive becomes a secondary drive - DF1. This allows for loading software (which expects to be loaded from DF0) from external FDD (or, likely, Gotek interface) at boot time. I wanted to add such a mod to my Amiga 500 (which is frequently in use these days, my kids love playing Super Frog and Lemmings), but unable to find the right mod for my Amiga 500, I designed my own using ideas from existing projects. More...

Let's repaint a function

Do you remember “What color is your function?” blog post, quite popular a few years ago? If you don’t know it, read it now, it’s definitely worth it (and also quite entertaining).

Some time ago, while looking to for a way to mix gevent with a blocking API of an extension module written in C (and thus impossible to be tweaked with monkey patching ), I’ve came across a very interesting code snippet from Mike “zzzeek” Bayer , author of SQLAlchemy (and a few other well-known projects). This code shows a very clever way of mixing functions of different colors (that is, asynchronous and synchronous code).

Let’s take a closer look.