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Android emulator patch for configurable IMEI, IMSI and SIM card serial number

My post about hacking the emulator's IMEI number gained a lot of interest, hence I've decided to prepare a patch which makes IMEI, IMSI and SIM card serial configurable on a per-AVD basis. It's necessary to recompile the emulator with the patch applied, so setup your build environment as a first step. I suggest using Ubuntu 10.10 and following the Android compilation hints. Continue reading…

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Cherokee SIGSEGV fix accepted

It seems that my patch for the Cherokee redirect handler's SIGSEGV problem has been accepted. That's exactly what I love about open-source software - instead of waiting for the software vendor to fix the problem I can do the correction myself. Just released Cherokee 1.0.9 doesn't contain the fix yet, though, it's going to be included in the next release.


Mac OS hint – color picker

Mac OS X is equipped with a decent color picker dialog, but unfortunately it can be used only from within some host graphic application - there's no standalone color picker. This ColorPicker utility comes to the rescue. Next thing to install is Hex Color Picker, which displays the current color as a hexadecimal number, ready for copy & paste into HTML or CSS file. Now it's perfect, isn't it?

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