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Symbian accelerometer APIs – part I

Using the accelerometer sensor in the Symbian applications is not particularly difficult, however things are getting much more tricky if the older S60 editions have to be supported. The good point to start is this page, but it doesn't really cover all the necessary details.

Different phones, different APIs

The first annoyance is the use of two different APIs for older and newer S60 editions. Older Nokia phones use Sensor Plug-in API, while the Sensor Framework API is used starting from S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2. Continue reading…


Android emulator and the SIM card serial number

Update: Please see my latest post about this topic.

After publishing the post about changing the IMEI number, I was asked about modifying the SIM card serial number. Yes, it is perfectly possible, but requires a bit more investigation. In general, the mechanism used is the same (i.e. AT commands sent to the emulated GSM modem). Continue reading…

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Cherokee: first impression

I've been using Apache for many years now, thus recently I've made a decision to try some of the "new" web servers. One of my hosts runs lighttpd for quite some time without any problems, so this time I wanted to try something else. Cherokee has caught my attention, thanks to it's web-based configuration utility - it is intuitive enough to go without reading the documentation really.
Indeed, configuring my site has taken about 15 minutes - HTTP to HTTPS redirection, WSGI application, PHP5 - all up and running. But... I've noticed that HTTP to HTTPS redirection fails occasionally for no obvious reason. It quickly turned out that the server's worker process dies of segmentation fault. Source code investigation led to a quick patch and an issue reported. Not really a perfect first impression, huh? Time to try nginx, I guess... 😉